Heart of a Lioness




The first of many, “Heart of a Lioness” is a collection of poems written by Treesje. It is a glimpse into the heart of a woman and writer inspired by the people, events, and emotions around her. From cynical political rants (“America in Black Water”), to calling out some of your favorite pop artists (“Open Letter to Rihann”), to the struggle of understanding culture and racism through the eyes of a multiracial woman (“White Roses”), Treesje takes her readers on a unexpected journey through her eyes that may not always be pretty. As the foreword says, “A Lioness does not wait on a Lion to eat…” This collection of poems is Treesje’s first attempt at getting comfortable with the power and strength of her proverbial roar without needing a Lion at her side. You can often hear many of the pieces in this book performed live, but being able to hold it in your hands is priceless.

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